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Dola: AI Calendar Assistant

Smartly plan & sync life in seconds on your messaging app

Easier, smarter, and faster: Dola AI calendar assistant turns even the most complicated commands in text, voice messages, or images into clear calendar events right in your messaging app. It also syncs with your existing calendar!

Top comment

Hiii from the entire Dola AI team! 😺😻😽 First off, a math equation! 🦸🏻‍♀️=👩🏻‍💻Real-life Superheroes + Dola AI the Ultimate Sidekick We've always believed real-life superheroes are regular people who work their asses off in their chosen paths, honing their talents and gifts, to make something better. But every superhero (real-life or not), even the greatest, always has a vital "team". Without their trusty sidekick, a hero cannot truly shine. Batman relies on Robin and Alfred, Ironman leans on Jarvis and Pepper, Spiderman has Ned, and for you, there's Dola. At the moment, Dola might not come across as the sexiest sidekick (and hey I’m not sure if sexy should be the key feature in a sidekick? Who’s stealing the show there🤣) , but give it just 10 days, and witness how Dola can "manifest" wonders for and with you. Why 10 days? Because you, the superhero, only need three things: 1. Consistent Execution: Just do it. 2. Smart Strategy: Channel all your energy into the most crucial areas. 3. The Magic Multiplier - Dola AI: The easiest calendar AI, consuming minimal time and conserving maximum energy – Dola's AI world knowledge can support you in both strategic discussions and on-the-spot execution aid. In just 10 days, you'll experience a transformative journey with Dola, observing the incredible synergy between your efforts, Dola's unwavering support, and the potential for self-optimization. Dola effortlessly converts your ✍🏻written sentences, 🗣voice messages, and even 🎫images into a series of 📅calendar events, ⏰reminding you at precisely the right moment. We've rolled out over 400 versions in the last 6 months, and we really hope you can enjoy our hard work (share your views in comments💌). Early access for Dola is 🆓free, and we're committed to delivering the most mind-blowing updates. 💋Your feedback is our greatest support! Join our Discord community to become early supporters and earn future premium access. Feel free to connect with fellow enthusiasts there. 👯We can't wait to welcome you all! Discord Link: Dola AI - the sidekick for future superheroes is at your doorstep. Now, it's your turn to open the door. Explore more at: Cheers & Loooove, The Dola AI Team😽🚀