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Document AI by Playmaker

Eliminate manual work & streamline document-based processes.

πŸ“‘ Fetch documents via emails, API or manual upload. PDF, XLS or TXT. πŸ€– Extract data from documents, including contracts, invoices and more, using document ai. πŸ› οΈ Create rules to validate data to run workflows. πŸ” Push to 300+ integrations via playmaker.

Top comment

πŸ‘‹ Hey Product Hunt! I’m Alex, the co-founder and CEO of Playmaker, a platform helping companies to reliably automate more of their internal operations without code. 😬 My co-founder @efecan and I are honestly so excited to introduce Document AI to you today! 🌟 We’ve seen tremendous interest in this, especially from people working in procurement, finance, and HR. These departments often have to deal with lots of manual, repetitive document processing tasks, and we’ve designed Document AI to automate these processes seamlessly. This can save companies hundreds of hours per week! ❓*Why Document AI?* 🌐 Flexible: Fetch documents from via emails, API or manual upload. PDF, PNG, Excel or TXT, anything runs. πŸ“ˆ Scalable: Most PDF extractor tools struggle with accurately extracting data from scanned PDFs or those with complex layouts involving images and tables, not to mention lacking scalability for bulk extraction. Playmaker uses AI to understand the layout, formatting, and context just like a human would, ensuring the extracted data is structured, validated and usable at scale. πŸ”— Integrated: Once the data is securely extracted, you can use it to trigger multi-step workflows across the business, using over 300 integrations available through our process automation product. 🏒 *Use Case Examples:* Procurement: Reviewing and processing purchase orders Finance: Managing invoices, approving payments and updating accounts. HR: Handling employee hiring documentation, and automating onboarding processes βœ” *Get Started*: Come and experience Playmaker Document AI for yourself. Try it for free, and see how it can dramatically evolve your manual, repetitive workflows. We’re excited to see what you build with Playmaker! 🏑 Visit Playmaker Document AI to learn more and get started today. We look forward to your feedback and are here to help you every step of the way. 🫑 Happy automating! Alex