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Developer-centric AI search, augmented by code and docs

Devv enhances developer productivity by combining LLMs with real-time data from Stack Overflow, GitHub, and DevDocs for accurate, up-to-date answers. Connect your GitHub repo directly for seamless, contextualized search. Integrate Devv today and happy coding!

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Hi PH community! I'm Jiayuan, and I'm thrilled to introduce Devv (, an AI-powered search engine tailored specifically for developers. With numerous AI search engines available, what sets Devv apart is our unique vertical search index focused on the development domain. It includes: - Official documentation and single sources of truth for programming languages and libraries - Contextually rich code snippets from relevant repositories - Additional contextual information from web search results We believe that the quality of the index is paramount to the effectiveness of the Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) system. Our core feature, Web Mode, provides accurate and up-to-date answers you can rely on in your development workflow. We've also developed a multi-agent framework that employs multi-step reasoning capabilities, breaking down your complex questions into smaller, more manageable action items for tailored and comprehensive answers in different scenarios. Toggle on the magical "Expert Mode" and you will see the difference. We've been working to address common pain points that we discovered from our own workflow, which could potentially be projected to the wider developer community. One significant issue we noticed is that people constantly need to feed large chunks of code to LLMs for context. While being able to chat with a codebase may not be 100% transformative, it can certainly be time-saving for many. To tackle this, we developed GitHub Mode, enabling you to connect your GitHub repo to Devv for a contextualized and frictionless search experience. Looking ahead, we're excited about expanding the search scenarios. A Doc Mode for indexing and searching document content will be the next step in our roadmap. We also have many plans in the pipeline to further streamline the developer workflow, ensuring that Devv continues to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the developer community in the era of AI. Thank you for being part of this exciting journey with us. We value your feedback and suggestions as we refine Devv, and we hope you could integrate Devv as part of your developer workflow and build something great! Cheers, Jiayuan