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Data analytics and BI for non-tech managers

DataSquirrel saves you time, stress, and pain when making sense of your data. Automatically create insights, clear visuals and dashboard reports for any data! It's: Fast. Guided. Plain English. Auto-analyze. Auto-clean. Auto-chart. Share. Download. API.

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Our 20,000+ users confirmed the need for an easier Data Analytics platform! One-click Data Cleaning, Suggested Analysis, Automated Insights, Chat with an AI buddy, easy sharing, and customization options! Yes, this is for real! 😱 Hi PH fam ✋ Thanks to your continuous support during our BETA launch a year ago, and now with DataSquirrel 2.0 🧡 Back then, our goal was to make life easier for every manager trying to make sense of their data. That mission remains unchanged. When you send your data, you don’t care about the format or how clean and organized it is. You expect us to recognize it, read it well, clean it if necessary, and present key analysis and insights. Or help with exploration. Basically, get shit done! 😅 With DataSquirrel 2.0, we’ve launched: 📊 Connect Google Sheets or any third-party system (Shopify, Xero, Hubspot, and thousands more), in addition to the existing CSV and XLS file uploads. 🔗 Combine two or more datasets (no more =VLOOKUP). 🧹 Automatically detect dirty data and suggest cleaning actions. 🔍 Suggested Analysis that provides different views of your data (stuff you may not have even thought of). 📈 Automated Insights that help discover patterns in your data. 🛠️ Perform exploratory data analysis (EDA) using an easy Charting UI, breaking down data, viewing hotspots using heatmaps, and much more. 🎨 Insane level of customization including easy date grouping, segmenting, stacking, grouping numbers into ranges/intervals, viewing as % instead of #, changing color themes, adding gradients, and more. 🐿️ Chat with your AI data buddy, Squirby, and ask anything about your data or have her help you with a task on your project. 📅 Set automated updates for your connected data to keep your KPIs up-to-date. 📥 Download or share charts, interactive dashboards, and PPT, PDF reports. That's a massive list for sure. And yes, it is as powerful as it sounds 💪 About Data Security with LLMs: Incidents worldwide have shown the unknown grey zone of Data Security with LLM’s like ChatGPT. Uploading your data to any AI wrapper company makes your data public to 1 or more big AI companies. At DataSquirrel we keep your data secure and never upload raw data to any LLM. We use LLMs for guidance for analysis and insights based on obfuscated statistical data. All of DataSquirrel's agents, including AI-assisted ones, are fully secure. You can also choose to anonymize sensitive data like names, payment information, and personal details before even having it processed by DataSquirrel. So, in a nutshell (🐿️ pun intended), upload/connect your data and let us do the rest. We’ll read it well, clean and standardize it, and run automated analysis and insights for you. Set auto-updates to keep your metrics up-to-date, share with someone, customize it as you wish. Basically, have full control over your data! @martijn_moret and I would ❤️ for you to sign up to DataSquirrel, take her for a spin, provide us with feedback, and send happy energy and support our way 🫶