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The one-stop product design tool amplified by AI

Product design software born from a passion for design, made delightful with AI magic. Ideate, design, collaborate, prototype, handoff - all in one tool, all made easier and more joyful with AI.

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Hello PH Community 👋 We’re so excited to officially launch Creatie today! We're a small team of designers and tech enthusiasts, and Creatie is born from a passion for design and our optimism in technology. Undoubtedly, AI will transform design, but we believe that we can help mold what that transformation looks like. AI can make design easier and more joyful than ever, while the designer remains in control. We hold the conviction that creativity is humanity's most precious asset and a source of joy that should never be taken from us. AI should enhance our creative endeavors, speed up the process, and democratize creation, serving as a tool, a co-pilot, or even a partner, with humans always in the spotlight, eager to create. We don't believe AI will ever replace designers. The empathy, imagination, and innovative spark behind great designs will always require the human touch. That's why we built Creatie, to lift designers out of the drudgery to focus on the most meaningful and joyful aspects of design and creativity. We love design, but let's be honest, not every part of the job is enjoyable. Drafting design system docs, checking files against requirements, staring at blank canvases, manually creating layout variations, searching endlessly for the right image, or spending days drawing icons - these tedious tasks drain time and energy. And AI can take over this uninspiring busywork, giving designers back our creative autonomy and joy. With AI technologies evolving faster than ever, we know that we are still laying the foundational bricks for a future of easier and more joyful design. We will continuously integrate better AI, always with the goal of enhancing designers' workflows and allowing designers to focus on and enjoy the creative journey. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback in the comments. We are just getting started, and we can't wait to continue our explorations with you.