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cre[ai]tion lite

A digital designer's muse powered by generative AI

effortlessly create stunning objects in an all visual workflow powered by advanced ai. start your creative journey with an endless feed of inspiration. initiate a new design process on a dedicated board, capturing every variation and share your designs.

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hi product hunt community, i’m nik, co-founder of cre[ai]tion. i’m excited to announce our launch on product hunt today and introduce you to cre[ai]tion! 📌 about cre[ai]tion: cre[ai]tion is an ai-powered platform designed to help you effortlessly create stunning objects through a fully visual workflow. at cre[ai]tion, our mission is to transform the creative process by integrating advanced ai technology, making it more intuitive and inspiring. our platform allows users to embark on their creative journey with an endless feed of inspiration, initiate new design projects on dedicated boards, capture every variation, and easily share their designs. 🍼 the birth of cre[ai]tion: the journey of cre[ai]tion began with a focus on solving real problems faced by designers. motivated by the need to place design at the core of our efforts, we aimed to develop a platform that leverages ai to address these challenges, enhancing creativity and efficiency. unlike other tools that rely heavily on text prompts, cre[ai]tion believes that designers are not poets. instead, we enable designers to interact with our model in a completely visual way, making the design process seamless and intuitive. 🔥 what cre[ai]tion offers: cre[ai]tion lite is free from the day of our launch, allowing you to explore basic features and kickstart your creative journey effortlessly. for those seeking advanced features, cre[ai]tion includes: - custom trained models tailored to your company's ci - unlimited boards and galleries for extensive creativity - a unique visual prompting method called "visual cooking" - inpainting and upscaling for detailed design enhancement to access these enterprise features, please get in touch with us. dive into the world of cre[ai]tion and unlock your creative potential now!!