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Coefficient for Excel

Sync live data into Excel from SaaS systems & DBs in seconds

With over 300,000 installs of Coefficient for Google Sheets and a consistent 5-star rating across the board, we’re excited to announce that Coefficient is now available for Excel.

Top comment

Hello Hunters 👋 We are excited to launch Coefficient for Excel today! Our original product for Google Sheets has seen over 300,000 users with consistent 5-star ratings, so we are naturally excited for this next big leap. 💡Here’s the problem We live in spreadsheets every day, but we are almost always using them in full manual mode. Stale, copy-pasted data. No automations. We’ll spend hours doing repetitive work to keep our reports up to date. 🙋‍♂️Here’s the Coefficient Solution Our mission is to empower every spreadsheet user worldwide to power their spreadsheets with live data, automation, and custom workflows. Get Coefficient for Excel and sync your workbooks with company systems like Salesforce, HubSpot, QuickBooks, Tableau, Snowflake, MySQL, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and many other SaaS tools and databases. Key Features: 🌟 Plug into your existing spreadsheets, Excel or Sheets 🌟 Connect & keep your spreadsheet automatically in sync with company systems so your dashboards and reports are always fresh 🌟 Add filters and dynamic filters (via references to spreadsheet cells) to import only the data relevant to your analysis 🌟 Data refreshes preserve formula references and copy-down formulas so your sheet continues to work with ever-changing data 🌟 Deliver insights from your spreadsheet reports directly into Slack or email (coming soon) 🌟 Sync data back from Excel to your source systems (coming soon) Embed the power of data connectivity and automation into Excel in 60 seconds! Thank you @hamza_afzal_butt for hunting us.