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Cut code review time & bugs in half using AI

Get automated, AI-powered code reviews that surpass existing tools. It offers real-time collaboration, fine-tunes reviews based on user feedback, and uses a configurable rule engine. Eliminate bugs, ship fast, and let developers focus on big problems.

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Hello Product Hunters! Excited to be back here! Since our launch in July 2023, we received a lot of love and feedback from the developer community. So, a thank you to every CodeRabbit user. We have made significant progress and released several new features, including: 1. A comprehensive verification of the code changes in a sandboxed environment, combining static analysis tools and Gen-AI's advanced reasoning to provide a best-in-class signal-to-noise ratio. 2. Complete codebase verification to identify the impact of the PR on the entire code repository. 3. Validation of PR changes with Linear & Jira issues. 4. Auto-generation of learnings from the user feedback to fine-tune your code reviews. Your data stays confidential and solely fine-tunes your reviews. 5. A powerful rule engine that allows configuring coding standards as code using a simple and intuitive pattern language. 6. Contextual daily standup reports. Visit us at and get a free trial for your entire team and experience the new features firsthand. 2-click seamless setup with GitHub/GitLab. It remains free forever for open-source projects. We are around for questions. Hope you like it!