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One-tap secure VPN for all your online journeys

The redesigned ClearVPN by MacPaw simplifies online privacy to just one tap. Enjoy hassle-free browsing and streaming with new handy features, including iOS widgets, Siri Shortcuts, and a Chrome ad-blocker. Works on Mac, iPhone, Android and Windows.

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Hello Product Hunters! We're excited to unveil the completely redesigned ClearVPN with an elegant one-tap interface for secure online journeys. At MacPaw, we build software that empowers people's digital lives. With this redesign, ClearVPN exemplifies that vision by offering a private and secure online experience through a beautifully crafted app. We've transformed ClearVPN's interface to match the simplicity users enjoy in our other apps like CleanMyMac and CleanMy®Phone. Now with just a single tap, you can activate a VPN connection optimized for your needs — whether it's private browsing, streaming global content libraries, or safely using public WiFi hotspots. Since russia's invasion of Ukraine in 2022, we've offered a free premium version to all Ukrainians globally and in occupied territories, ensuring secure access to trusted information sources. Our expertise in safeguarding digital privacy proved vital during this time of crisis. Give the new ClearVPN a try, and let us know what you think!