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Circle to Search

From wonder to wisdom, just one drag away

It's an extension that let you select what you’re curious about and get more info with a simple circling. And you can ask the built-in AI assistant for more insights. It’s a new way to search anything in browser without leaving the page or copy-paste.

Top comment

Hey, PHers! 👋 Thanks for stopping by! I’m Luke Pioneero. Super excited to announce Circle to Search to you all today! 🤔Why Circle to Search? - Instant AI Searches: Circle for immediate results. - Advanced Recognition: Perfect recipe discovery, animal ID, and language insights. - Chrome Integration: Works naturally within your browser. - Save Time: Perfect for the busy bees! It's great for quick fact-checks, identifying objects, and more. On top of that, it's also perfect for those moments when you're reading an article and come across an unfamiliar term or a product you'd like to know more about. 💡How to use Circle to Search? 1. Install the Circle to Search browser extension on your browser. 2. Pin the browser extension icon from the top right corner of your browser. 3. Click the browser extension icon to start exploring anything! Check it out and let me know what you think! Cheers, Luke