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Realistic AI voice calls with characters, YT-videos & PDFs

Next-level AI voice calls! Chat with celebrities, understand your docs with voice & explore spirituality. Make AI conversations feel real and personal with best-in-class AI voices. Call PDFs, YouTube Videos, any website. Call Jesus & your favourite movie stars

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Hey there once again, fellow hunters! 👋 A year after launching ChatPDF, we've decided it's time to evolve from text to voice, the natural and intuitive way we communicate. Today, we're announcing not just one, but a suite of voice-first AI platforms 🌟 - Realistic voice calls with characters and celebrities. 🙏 - Explore faith and spirituality through voice. 📚 - Talk to your PDFs and have them talk back. 🎥 - Dive into YouTube videos with conversational AI. 🌐 - Navigate websites through voice. 👾 - Engage with the latest in tech by voice. In a world where every service will eventually have a voice interface, we're making it possible to CALL ANYTHING and ANYONE right now! 2023 was all about chatbots. 2024 will be all about voice bots! LET'S GOOOO! Super excited to hear your feedback! ✨