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Build and ship AI tools super fast

Builderkit helps you ship an AI SaaS product super fast with Pre-Built AI tools, Pre-Built Landing Pages and a comprehensive NextJS boilerplate

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Hello PH fam 👋🏻 We have been building AI Apps (aka AI Wrappers) for over a year and have built 10+ AI Apps of which 4 have been sold and have generated over $150K in revenue in acquisitions. We are super excited to launch Builder Kit today - our AI SaaS code boilerplate ♥️ Builderkit helps you build and ship your AI SaaS Apps super fast. It comes with: 👉 10+ Pre-Built AI tools such as Chat with PDF, Multi LLM Chat GPT, Content Writer Tool, Headshot Generator Tool, Voice Notes Tool and many more 👉 Support for all major AI Models and Platforms such as OpenAI, Deepgram, Replicate, Claude, Llama & Mistral 👉 10 Pre Built Landing Pages, Auth Pages & Waitlist Pages 👉 Comprehensive NextJS Boilerplate (NextJS, Typescript, Tailwind CSS, ShadCN) 👉 Supabase Integration 👉 Componentised Code, Server Side Rendering, Edge Functions & Clean Typesafe Code 👉 Modules for Authentication, Emails, SEO Optimisation, Payments, and Customer Support 👉 ToS and Privacy Policy 👉 Optimised for Vercel (No Timeout Issues) 👉 Discord Community (Coming Soon - go live once we hit 100 builders using builderkit) Building AI Apps isn't hard but most builders end up wasting time on basics and get stuck on the same set of problems. With Builderkit, you don't have to worry about the trivial stuff - Build your AI tool today! Builderkit is based on our experience of shipping scalable AI products and not just another boilerplate. We ant you win to build and win! Happy Building!