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Easy way to manage your web project bugs

bugbox is a bug report system based on Google Sheets. Which requires neither any backend nor any payment. Connect the service to your web project in a few easy steps and forget about the entire bug management routine.

Top comment

Hello, Product Hunt! We are incredibly excited to introduce you our effective solution for bug management – bugbox. Finding bugs is a crucial yet boring, time- and nerve-consuming task in every project. Test runs, test cases, having a productive dialogue between testers and developers – bug management may be really painful in every aspect and is often not a healthy working process. To avoid all those struggles we’ve developed our newest widget. The widget collects all found bugs in Google Sheets and extends the bugs description with all necessary parameters: of the browser, of the screen, or of the OS . In other words, you describe a problem in the pop-up on the web-site and Google Sheets already presents the description with all the parameters the developer needs. Then you have only to edit the expected result and set the priority and the assignee. In contrast to other similar services, bugbox is absolutely free and you don’t need to bypass any paywalls, as we wanted to create a bug management solution available for everyone. We invite you to experience the effectiveness of our system. And we are looking forward to your feedback – it’s important for the further development and improvement of bugbox. Let your projects contain no bugs, bugbox Team