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The AI assistant that knows what you need by GPT-4o

Buffup.AI is an innovative and extremely user-friendly AI assistant with ChatGPT-4o and you can freely use thousands of Buffup.AI Bots released by users worldwide.

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👋Hello everyone! I'm An, the Product Manager of Buffup.AI 😊 We're a team dedicated to making AI more accessible to more people, such as our families👨👩👧👦. In the past two months we've introduced the ability to unify ChatGPT and GPTs in the browser sidebar. This will allow users to: ✅Quickly ask a question to the AI based on the current web page content ✅Let AI help you summarize, translate, rewrite, chatPDF, analyze documents and images, and more. ✅Use the world's top 1,000 AI bots in the browser sidebar at any time This has brought us a lot of users and made AI capabilities available to more people. But that wasn't enough. We realized that the current AI models were getting better and better, but there was one fundamental threshold that hadn't changed. That is "Prompt"! 📄 Using different prompts for the same question will give you very different results. You need to be good at writing prompts to get the information you need.But many people don't even know what a "prompt" is, and don't know what to ask AI and how to ask it!🤔 To solve this problem, we have updated this time with new features🆕: 🎉Intent Recognition: List your possible needs based on the page you are browsing. 🎉Continue Questions:Each response will provide the option to ask the question next. When you browse a web page, buffup immediately gives you several options. These options are based on the content of the page and your preferences to analyze what you most likely want to know. All you have to do is click on one of them to get a professional answer right away.✨ Once you've acquired your answers, buffup will also give you new options right away. Letting you keep digging deeper into the information you want to know until you feel it's enough.👍 It can always help you dig deep and analyze and organize all the information you need, you no longer need to blindly search, compare and click back and forth on the page.🔍 As a mature AI product🤖, it no longer requires you to tune the Prompt to get the information you want. All you need to do is select your intent and simply click next. (Of course, you can still enter customized questions to ask.) Doesn't that sound like fun😉? Well, why don't you support us and give it a try? Come on!🤠