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Your AI knowledge assistant

Briefy is an AI knowledge assistant that streamlines daily information consumption for pro users. It distills complex information into structured summaries, organizes them into a knowledge base, and retrieves knowledge on demand with natural language.

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Hi Product Hunt community, 👋 It's been almost a year since our last launch. Let me introduce Briefy again to refresh your memory. Briefy is your AI knowledge assistant 👩‍🏫 for dealing with information overload. Let AI brief lengthy content for you before you dive deep into the pieces that interest you. 🪄 With Briefy, you can turn lengthy texts, audios, videos, and more into structured, easy-to-digest summaries at your fingertips. Understand everything 10x faster!!! 💯 👣 A step forward, Briefy offers a built-in knowledge base that helps you manage all your summaries effectively. Simply save the summaries you need for later review in the knowledge base. 💎 Summaries will be displayed alongside the source content. You can ask questions, share content, and search the whole knowledge base using natural language. In today's world of lots of information coming at us fast, Briefy is ideal for anyone seeking to maximize learning and knowledge with minimal cognitive effort using AI. 🔝⏱️🤖 We are thrilled to unveil Briefy 2.0! A huge shoutout to our amazing users and the valuable feedback that has shaped this update. 🌟 In addition to the essential features, we have more to offer ⬇️ 🔥 Highlights of Briefy 2.0 🔥 🔖 Get briefed in your favorite way with just 1 click Briefy turns lengthy content into structured summaries without tedious copying, pasting, or app switching. Summaries can be presented in multiple views, such as overview, table, mindmap, and timeline. 📑 Summarize any kind of content Briefy can digest all content for you, no matter what the type is. From websites and videos, to email threads and podcasts, Briefy supports even more content types to serve various needs. 🗃️ Manage summaries with knowledge base Review saved summaries alongside source content, ask questions, share content, and search the whole knowledge base with natural language. 🔗 Refer back to the source content Navigate to the source material for a more comprehensive understanding. Cross-check and explore detailed information, ensuring a thorough grasp of the subject matter. 🙋‍♀️ Ask anything about the content Dive deeper into summarized content by asking specific questions. Briefy provides detailed, context-aware answers, ensuring you get every aspect of the information. 📳 Access on all devices in your preferred language Use all features of Briefy on any smart device you have. We support summarizing in multiple languages and offer in-line translations for easy comprehension. Are you ready to experience the power of Briefy 2.0? 🤩 🔺Explore the new features, share your thoughts, and comment on anything about Briefy below! 🔺Feel free to ask questions — I'll be here all day to answer and chat with the community. 🚀🚀🚀 🎁🎁🎁 SPECIAL for the PH community: we're offering a 50% discount for 3 months if you sign up and upgrade to the Premium plan today. Let's shape the future of knowledge management together! 💖🥰 🙌