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Your team’s wireframing tool, right from Figma

The best products start with great collaboration on low-fidelity wireframes. Blocks is a Figma plugin that features a library of components so you can create low-fidelity wireframes with your whole team - in minutes.

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Hey everyone 👋 I’m Thibaud, Hexa’s cofounder. For those who don’t know Hexa, we’re a startup studio that’s built over 40 products, many of which have become great SaaS success stories like Aircall, Front, Spendesk. Every product that we ever built has followed the same process: it begins with creating low-fidelity wireframes, with the entire team. But the process of building low-fidelity wireframes is flawed. It begins with founders and product managers who create the first wireframes in one tool, then designers convert these into mock-ups in another tool, developers code the final product, and marketers introduce it to the market. This results in inefficiencies and silos and creates sub-par products. We are firm believers that it is by 👏 bringing the whole team👏 into the low-fidelity wireframing process that we can build game-changing products: more options are considered, iterations happen quickly, and you avoid becoming attached to any one style too early-on. It doesn’t only lead to better product discussions, it also leads to superior products. But we never found the right tool to do just that. Traditional wireframing tools were only adopted by founders & product managers, while designers stayed on Figma. So we decided to build Blocks 🤗 Blocks is a low-fidelity wireframing tool that happens right in Figma. With Blocks: 🟧 You’ll never ever have to switch from wireframing tools to design tools ever again 🟧 Your whole team will get to participate in the most crucial part of product building 🟧 You'll be able to wireframe any idea you've got on your mind with our library of best-in-class components 🟧 You'll wireframe much faster with drag-and-drop and endless customization 🟧 You'll have the best product conversations with all of your team - and build the best products! Great products are born on Blocks. Get started now: