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Banhaten design system

Premium bilingual design system that speaks your language

Banhaten 2.0 is a premium bilingual design system with over 10,000 components, Auto Layout 5.0, dynamic themes, RTL/LTR support, Variables, Interactive Components, and many more that make it up-to-date with the latest Figma updates

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Thanks, @robjama, for your support! I'm thrilled to announce the release of Banhaten Design System 2.1, the latest update to our premium bilingual design system: What's New in Banhaten 2.1: 📚 Comprehensive Library: Explore over 10,000 components. 🎨 Dynamic Themes: Easily switch between four color themes, radius variables, typography variables, dark/light modes, and two spacing options, offering over 100 design variations. ⚡ Quick: You can now design pages in minutes, not hours. 🌍 RTL Support: Perfect for multilingual projects, supporting both RTL and LTR languages. 📱💻 Responsive Design: Auto Layout ensures your designs look great on any screen size, whether web or web mobile. 🔄 Latest Figma Features: It incorporates the latest Figma updates up to July 2024, including Variants and tokens, for seamless customization. 🆕 Interactive Components: Our newest feature, Interactive Components, adds dynamic elements like interactive buttons, toggle switches, and many others. 💸 Launch Discount: Use code PH20 for a 20% discount valid for a month.