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Free and open-source AI to turn voice into structured notes

Just hit record, spell it all out, and Audioscribe will turn it into a well-structured note. This was created with Wordware - a tool (an IDE) for building AI agents. Feel free to duplicate the agent to start building on your own ideas.

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👋🏻 Hi Product Hunt makers! I’m Kamil, Head of Growth at Wordware—an IDE for building AI agents. Long ago, we built Audioscribe (without the name then) as an internal tool to structure our brainstorming ideas or while talking to ourselves (yes, we do that a lot!). Then we started using it for other purposes: social media posts, email writing, just us blabbering, and so on. People noticed us using it, we shared it with them, then with friends, and then with friends of friends. Somehow, we got enough conviction to put a simple frontend on our simple application. Today, we're excited to share it with everyone. We believe it will be useful and helpful, so we've made it an open-source project—feel free to fork it and build upon it! In short, Audioscribe structures your thoughts into simple notes. Just press record and that’s it. No login. No credit card. It’s perfect to use for: ✍🏻 Project writeup: Transform scattered thoughts into coherent project plans. Speak your ideas, we'll structure them. 🧠 Brainstorming: Unleash your creativity without boundaries. Record your brainstorm, we'll organize the chaos. 📧 Email: Dictate emails on-the-go. We'll polish your words into professional correspondence. 💌 Personal message: Pour your heart out verbally. We'll craft it into a thoughtful, articulate message. 📖 Journal: Talk about your day's experiences. We'll transform them into reflective journal entries. ✅ Task planning: Voice your to-dos as they come. We'll organize them into an actionable task list. 👂🏼 Interview: Focus on the conversation. We'll turn your recording into structured interview notes. 📢 Social media post: Share your thoughts aloud. We'll shape them into engaging social media content. 💡Idea generation: Let your ideas flow freely. We'll capture and organize your creative sparks. PS: Audioscribe is a WordApp—a Wordware application. Our IDE, Wordware, lets you build AI apps using natural language. That's why we call them WordApps—you create them with words (pun intended). You can start by duplicating the LLM-backend for Audioscribe or build from scratch. Give it a try and let us know what you think!