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Arc 3.0

Your remote job matchmaker for top global tech talent

Arc is a global marketplace for top developers, designers, and marketers. With HireAI, we instantly match talent with freelance and full-time remote jobs. Access a vetted pool of 350,000+ experts from 190 countries. Join today — always free for talent.

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Hi Product Hunt 👋 We’re excited to share a major update with the PH community! Remote work has opened up so many opportunities for both job seekers and companies. But finding the right match is still tough. Meet Arc, your remote job matchmaker. Since 2019, we’ve been on a mission to help you build an amazing career from anywhere by making global remote hiring simple. Now, we’re thrilled to introduce Arc 3.0! We connect the world’s developers, designers, and marketers with companies using our instant matching AI technology. Both freelance and full-time roles. Plus, our team of real humans supports you every step of the way. What makes Arc unique? For companies: • Access vetted developers, designers, and marketers instantly • See candidates in seconds, no more waiting 48 hours like our competitors (available now for developer roles) • Access our global network of 350,000+ and save up to 58% For job seekers: • Get tailored job matches + chat directly with hiring managers • Set your own rates and earn competitive pay • Work with top companies & up-and-coming startups The best part? Arc is always free for job seekers. Hiring companies pay when you make a hire. We’re excited to chat in the comments and hear your thoughts!