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Arbor is a platform that provides aggregated summaries by clustering, deduplicating, and summarizing content, sentence by sentence, from various sources on the same topic. Arbor's mission is to reindex the internet and save it from AI-generated SEO articles.

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Hey Product Hunt! This is Cheney, founder of Arbor. I’m really excited to share Arbor with the PH community, where many innovations gather. Our journey began with a simple idea: consolidate the information online and save everyone’s time. The urgency of this issue has increased due to the significant challenge posed by AI-generated SEO content, which complicates the process of obtaining accurate search engine results. This product has been a concept of mine for a decade, ever since AlphaGo's victory over Lee Sedol. However, it only became feasible with the latest advancements in Large Language Models (LLMs). I'm delighted that the product I've dreamt about, alongside the vision of a semantic internet that Tim Berners-Lee proposed several decades ago, is now achievable. Arbor's key features: ✅ **Aggregated Summary**: Summaries from all articles on the same event. Read the points all articles have in common. ✅ **360 Summary**: With our AtomiClustering, our proprietary set of deep learning models, Arbor can highlight the differences between articles, allowing you to focus on the key insights. ✅ **Cross-Language Updates**: Enjoy global non-English articles in English — from K-pop to world sports like La Liga. Provides local insights on global events. ✅ **Topics**: Follow what matters to you, with no noise. 10k topics and still counting. For our launch, we're offering the Product Hunt community a sneak peek at our upcoming feature - the Video Section Summary. Download Arbor today, we’ve automatically whitelist all downloads today to early access the “speed-read/watch video” feature! We can't wait to grow with you and for you to tell us: what would make Arbor your daily go-to for news and updates of everything you care? 🌲 Try out Arbor and help us cultivate a future where staying informed is a joy, not a chore. Made with a dream of a better internet, Cheney & The Arbor Team