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Organize, manage & trade your software tools effortlessly

Organize, manage, and trade your software tools & LTDs effortlessly. Never lose track, miss a deal, or forget a refund deadline again. Organize, manage, and trade your software tools effortlessly.

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Hello, Product Hunters! I'm Rajeev, the founder of AppStor, and I've been where many of you are – swimming in a sea of software deals bought from Appsumo and other platforms. Over the years, I've accumulated hundreds of these deals, only to realize that many were underused, despite my best intentions. This not only cluttered my digital workspace but also obscured the value of each tool. The Birth of AppStor The idea for AppStor hit me while browsing through community forums, where I noticed a shared frustration: the lack of a dedicated app to organize and optimize the use of our tools automatically. Key Features of AppStor: - Automatic Consolidation Automatically downloads all your AppSumo purchases, complete with full descriptions and screenshots of deal pages. - Smart Organization Manage refund dates, categorize tools, and tag them for easy access. - Project Integration Link tools to specific projects to see what's being used and, crucially, what isn't being used. - Real-Time Updates Newly purchased tools can be added instantly with all essential details and deadlines. Deal pages are screenshotted so you've always got a record of what you bought and why you bought it - Effortless Exchange A built-in marketplace to sell or swap tools you no longer need with those who missed out. Vision and Mission My vision for AppStor is to foster a community of savvy users who not only manage their tools effectively but also share and exchange value within a trusted network. I built AppStor to solve my own problem - I have spent $$$ over the years on deals and wanted to make sure I got value without also wasting time. The idea of adding hundreds of apps, plus descriptions, manually, simply lead me to procrastinate. AppStor solves this for me completely and I'm excited to share it with you if this resonates :)