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Ask AI for actions, not answers

A native app that offers fast and reliable experience with models (OpenAI, Perplexity, Claude and more). Use keyboards shortcuts and pre-built prompts to boost your productivity. Alice not only give you answers, but connects to your apps and execute actions!

Top comment

Hello Product Hunt Fam 😻 It’s a big day for us, after over a year building Alice, to be able to finally launch it here! The idea for Alice came in the early days of ChatGPT, when we discovered that LLMs are pretty good at running thousands of automations that we already have in place, built with Make and Zapier. After hundreds of iterations, we’ve managed to create a first version of Alice that can not only answer questions but also run actions within the apps we use. It means you can ask Alice to draft and send an email campaign or posts for social media. Today we just can’t imagine working without Alice, and so do our teams. Because Alice is connected to our services, our colleagues can request to add a subscription to a user or make a refund. We've made Alice so accessible that anyone, even non-technical person can benefit from it! Alice is something we wanted from AI for ourselves: a beautiful UI, running natively on the desktop, fast and responsive, with many available models (also offline), prompts at our fingertips, and running actions in the apps we use. Now, it can help you, too! Although there’s a lot of AI Assistants out there, once you see Alice, you’ll immediately know there’s nothing like it. Promise! Plus we have tons of inspirations and materials for you to take your productivity to the next level. Please, check out Alice at: She's pretty powerful and can: ✅ Work with multiple models, including Claude 3, OpenAI and Perplexity ✅ Save prompts as Snippets that you can run with command or keyboard shortcut ✅ Run actions within thousands of apps you're using, with automations ✅ Create many assistants suited for different tasks ✅ Generate images and analyse them with Vision Can't wait for you to check it out! PS: For the launch, we’ve prepared a special lifetime deal on Alice. You can buy the app once and use it forever 🎉