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End2end AI Platform with Decentralized Supercomputer

AIxBlock is a blockchain-based end2end platform for AI initiatives from inception to commercialization harnessing decentralized computing resources.

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Hey, Product Hunters 👋, We are super excited to introduce AIxBlock to the AI and tech community on Producthunt! 🏡 Why we worked on AIxBlock: Now, only big companies and rich countries can really build their own AI because of the high computational cost. Meanwhile, over 400M global consumer GPUs sit idle for at least 20hrs/day. Plus, BTC will be having in Apr, more BTC miners shall have to stop mining due to the increase of difficulty and less profits, consequently, more computes will be unused. We wanted to connect these unused computes together to make a decentralized supercomputer, together with a NO-code comprehensive AI platform, we will make more small companies/countries able to own their own AI. 🎯 Who Benefits From AIxBlock? 1️⃣ AI Builders: 📌 Save up to 90% on compute costs by spending significantly less on your GPU compute through P2P Decentralized Supercomputing, with NO transaction fees 📌 Effortlessly build, deploy and monitor your AI initiatives within the End-to-end platform. 📌 Seamlessly develop AI models with Auto and Distributed Training for enhanced efficiency and scalability. 📌 Experience effortless fully-self managed option with no initial fees. 2️⃣ Compute Suppliers 📌 Earn 15x more by providing AI compute in the global AI community. 📌 Onboard quickly with no code or IT hassle 📌 Enjoy flexible withdrawals, transparent transactions & Predictable profits. 3️⃣ Freelancers 📌 Maximize earnings by joining AI projects, including data collection, transcription, labeling, validation, and more. 👑 Products 1️⃣ Building AI ▪️ Data Engine for AI builders to Collect, Curate and Label data ▪️ No code MLOps Platform 2️⃣ Monitor AI On-Chain Consensus-Driven Live Model Validation 3️⃣ Marketplaces ▪️ AI/ML Model Marketplace ▪️ Decentralized Compute Marketplace ▪️ Decentralized Crowdsourcing Marketplace for AI ☀️ We are launching soon! Join early access for AIxBlock! Secure your spot on the waitlist of 1k members to access AIxBlock and earn rewards. We will notify you the moment it goes live.