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AI chatbot for customer service

AIChatbot is an AI-Powered Conversational Chatbot for Sales and Customer Support. The Chatbot can respond to customer inquiries about your business in 109 languages, capture leads, track orders, recommend items, handle returns & refunds and much more.

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Thanks @Rohanrecommends for hunting us 🙌 Hey Product Hunt 👋 I'm Promise, co-founder at AIChatbot. Today, we are super excited to announce the launching of our new product on ProductHunt AIChatbot is an AI powered conversational chatbot builder for sales and customer support ...And here is the best part 👌 of what you can do with AIChatbot 👇 ⚡ Automate 90% of Support Tickets and Transaction assistance. ⚡ Automate drafting Email Support responses 10x faster. ⚡ Capture and qualify Leads seamlessly. ⚡ Boast average order through Upselling and Cross-selling. ⚡ Provide Product recommendations and Product comparison. ⚡Streamline Order tracking, Returns and Refunds handling. ⚡ Effortlessly collect meaningful website feedback. ⚡ Facilitate the scheduling of product demos or consultations. ⚡ GDPR Compliant and Security. Few years ago, when we launched our first product, the biggest challenge we experienced was managing customer support In different time zones in multiple languages and responding constantly to our prospects and customers. 80% of our customer support was mostly common inquiries that consumed a significant amount of our time, it was very exhausting for the team. The innovative solution of Open AI was an opportunity for us to jump in to tackle our own problem which led to the birth of AIChatbot. We have been using AIChatbot in-house for all our customer support for a while and it has saved us a tremendous time and resources. We hope and believe our innovation solution can help your business scale customer support challenges too. Please share your thoughts because we appreciate your feedback and support We will answer your questions as soon as possible. Hit us with anything. You can signup at and take advantage of our exclusive product hunt launch offer! Enter code 👉 PRODUCTHUNT 👈 during checkout to enjoy a 20% discount 🤑 on a paid plan. Act fast, as this special deal is limited to the first 100 buyers and is available for the next 48 hours only. Cheers! Promise Uzoechi.