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AI Article Writer 6.0

Factually accurate articles with citations, up to 5000 words

Only tool in the market that digs deeper into the web, analyzing 100s of websites to create factually accurate, SEO-optimized articles, along with automated linking and citations. Control the word length from 500 to 5000 words. Ready <5 minutes & 100x cheaper.

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Hello Product Hunt, Ever since our AI Article Writer 4.0 and 5.0 entered the scene, we've been inundated with your feedback and requests. You wanted a smarter AI, one that digs deeper into the web, analyzing hundreds of articles per topic and not only generates up-to-date, fact-based content but also allows better control of word length, and stays clear of generating generic, "hallucinated" content. We listened. 🚀 Meet AI Article Writer 6.0 🚀 Built on the latest LLMs and our state-of-the-art web scraping and RAG system, this version is our response to your calls for more factually-accurate and SEO-friendly content creation tools. Here’s how AI Article Writer 6.0 is better than ChatGPT and the rest: - In-Depth Web Research: It digs deeper into the web, analyzing 100s of articles per topic. This isn't just about understanding a topic; it's about mastering it according to EEAT guidelines, saving you countless hours while enhancing value for your readers. - Real-Time Data on Latest Topics: Staying current is key. This version taps into the most up-to-date information, ensuring your content is always fresh and relevant. - Fact-Checked, Cited Content: We've ramped up our efforts to verify information, so your content stands on a foundation of reliability and credibility. - Word Length Control: From succinct blog posts to comprehensive reports, you choose the length—from 500 to 5000 words. We are the only tool in the market which has cracked the problem of controlling the word length of AI generated articles. - Competitor Semantic Analysis: By understanding how your competitors structure their content, AI Article Writer 6.0 crafts articles designed to stand out and rank higher. - Automated Internal Linking: AI Article Writer 6.0 can automatically link to other articles on your website, thus enhancing your on-page SEO. - Brand Voice and Style Customization: More than ever, this version adapts to your brand's tone, ensuring consistency across all content. - Built-In SEO Optimization: Beyond content, we've fine-tuned SEO features to align with Google's evolving algorithms, boosting your visibility. - Auto-Generate FAQ: Adding FAQs to your articles answers common queries, engaging your audience longer and more effectively. and more... Your article will be ready in less than 5 minutes, 100 times cheaper, and will outrank your competitors in the shortest time. Your insights are invaluable, and together, we can redefine what it means to create content that truly resonates. 🎉 Get started with AI Article Writer 6.0 now - revolutionize your content, on us. 🎉 We're excited to hear what you think!