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AI Agents by Threado

Instant, automated support for customers and internal teams

Instant, automated support to customers and internal teams by AI Agents trained on internal knowledge. Train it on knowledge base, ticket conversations, CRMs or product documentation. Install it on Slack, Discord, and your website and get instant responses.

Top comment

Hello PH community 👋 After months of building, excited to introduce Threado 3.0 to you! 🚀 We've spoken to many customer-facing teams, narrowed down their top problem statements - - Repeat queries, lack of context of past queries, and finding the right data across teams and tools take up support agents’ bandwidth - ultimately leading to slower resolutions. - An enhanced customer experience is the key to solving the bigger business goals. So we built a solution that fills the major gaps with AI - - Threado AI Chatbot - to help support teams resolve 5x more queries by training the bot on all relevant product documentation, help docs, knowledge hub, etc. - Threado AI Agent Assistant - integrates effortlessly into your daily tools: Slack, MS Teams, and Chrome providing instant assistance anywhere. - AI-powered knowledge hub - easily connect knowledge base, intranet, CRM, support conversations, product adoption metrics, revenue data, and more - all in one place. With Threado 3.0, we are aiming to transform the way customer-facing teams work. We are laser-focused on helping you build high-performing teams. We hope you like it. Do let us know if you have any feedback for us!